6 Influential People Who Are Not Real

Everyone has their own opinion on who are the most influential people in the world. A drunken conversation with several friends made us realise that the majority of people who make any list of the world’s most influential do not even exist in real life.

Who would have thought that some of the most influential people in the world don’t even exist. We could have included hundreds in this article but have had to narrow that down somewhat.

1 – Santa Claus


You may well find this hard to believe but Santa Claus is probably one of the most influential people in the world who does not really exist. Sure, he doesn’t carry any weight in government decisions or run a central bank but he is influential all the same.

You will be very lucky if you can find any child in the western world who has not found themselves tricked into behaving on the premise that bad behaviour will result in no visit from Santa. I don’t know about you but even the most explosive of tantrums from my kids can be stopped with a click of my fingers and a reminder that Santa is watching to see if you are misbehaving.

Name one other person in the world who can have such an influential hold over young children.

2 – Robin Hood


Staying well clear of any possible debate whether or not Robin Hood exists or not he manages to make our list of influential people who do not exist.

The reason we consider Robin Hood to be influential is because he has led thousands, if not millions, of people to justify theft because the victim is wealthy and rich. You could argue that such justifications and principles originate from the redistribution of taxes that we live under in western society but there is no denying that we all believe Robin Hood is a hero.

When did we start thinking that thieves were heroes? Could you ever imagine calling a man who stole your grandmother’s handbag a hero. Even if she was wealthy and he was poor he would be anything but a hero.

Stealing is and always will be wrong and just because a thieve gives away his spoils to poor people is no justification whatsoever.

3 – The Marlboro Man


Anyone who can influence people to smoke something that will ultimately kill them is certainly considered influential in our book. The Marlboro Man is an obvious example of this type of person but he goes even further than simply persuading people to smoke his brand of cigarettes.

I would imagine that anyone who smoke or if you know someone who smokes will be familiar with the fact that most cigarettes come with a filter. Long before the Marlboro Man when smoking was considered fashionable a cigarette with a  filter was thought of as something only a woman would smoke. Real men only smoked cigarettes without filters. Getting any man to start using what is considered to be a woman’s product is always going to be difficult.

This is where the Marlboro Man comes in. The whole point of the original Marlboro Man advertising campaign was to persuade men to smoke cigarettes with filters. The effectiveness of this campaign is certainly visible with nearly all cigarettes sold in western countries being sold with a filter.

The Marlboro Man campaign is considered to this day to be one of the most successful advertising campaigns in history. That is how influential this guy is.

4 – Barbie


Throughout the many years she has been around Barbie has always influenced young girls like no other person. Kids have spent countless hours playing with their Barbie dolls, combing her hair, dressing in her in new outfits and pretending she is going through every lifestyle choice imaginable.

This is the very reason there happens to be so many Barbie dolls out there. There is a Barbie who is married, a Barbie who is a mother and a Barbie who is a single gal on the lookout for some fun. You name it then Barbie has done it and in the process put herself at the start path of what many women have chosen to follow with their life.

5 – Big Brother


Every time a government passes a new restrictive law or a law that challenges our freedom a reference is made towards Big Brother. He is the driving force behind countless social protests and will no doubt be the inspiration for many more in the future.

As we all know Big Brother was made famous in George Orwell’s novel, 1984. We all recognise his face and we all know what he stands for. This makes him terrifying to most of us as we see him as the visual representation behind the potential for our own governments to influence our own lives.

Whether or not our government takes things to the level that George Orwell’s imagine is questionable but until that day Big Brother will continue to influence protests all over the world.

6 – Romeo and Juliet


Romeo and Juliet can be held completely responsible for anyone who grew up believing that there was such a thing as the perfect relationship. If you agree with me on that then you can also place the blame on them for a huge number of divorces that happen each year.

Many people get married basing their expectations on what they learned from Romeo and Juliet. When things start getting familiar and romance starts to die down it is very easy for people to feel that their marriage has failed. In reality wild passionate romance is not necessarily all that is required for a long and successful marriage. What is required in the real world is love, respect and understanding and that is why Romeo and Juliet really need to have their day in court and stop interfering in poor people’s lives.

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