6 Reality Television Shows You Won’t Believe Really Exist

When it comes to television shows ratings are king and that seems to be true regardless of the cost. This is especially true when it comes to reality television shows. These shows thrive on scandal and content that will quite literally make your jaw hit the floor even if you happen to be hanging your head over the Grand Canyon.

When it comes to reality television there is certainly no limit as to how low producers will go in the hope of landing a hit show. Just take a look at these six reality television shows that you will probably have trouble believing they exist.


Everyone knows that any woman who is about to become a bride wants to look her best. For most women this involves dieting, an occasional workout session and as many appointments at the local tanning salon as they can muster without discovering they have skin cancer.

Like most things in life there are those who have to take things that little bit to far which is where the reality television show, Bridalpasty comes in. Bridalpasty was a television show in which twelve women were given the chance to compete for a complete plastic surgery wish list and their dream wedding paid for in full. The idea was that at the end of the shows season the winner would receive their complete plastic surgery makeover, all paid for, before their wedding which was also fully paid for.

Bridalplasy only ran for one complete season, 2010-2011, before it was cancelled but just the fact that such a show was ever thought of let alone existed is enough to make you ant to bury your head in your hands. As you can imagine every female contestant involved with the show looked stunning before the show even aired so the very real fact that these women had such a pointless and worrying desire for plastic surgery sent a shocking message to any woman ware of the show.

Toddlers and Tiaras

This is one of the few weird shows that you will see on television that actually managed to run for a decent amount of time. Starting in 2009 and still running to this very day the show follows and documents the bizarre world of child beauty pageants. Just putting the words “child” and “pageant” in the same sentence is, as you can image, enough to gain more than it’s fair share of criticism. Most of the criticism that lands on the shows targets the fact that the show has a very real tendency of taking advantage of children and sexualising them by dressing them in costumes that would be inappropriate should an adult film star venture out wearing them.

Over the duration of each episode we get to follow the daily lives of several children as they compete in a beauty pageant and either win or lose. The most soul destroying element of the entire show is that you are left with a very real concern as to just how appearing on this show will affect the futures of each of these children. It is almost as if the show is set up to manufacture fleets of Lindsay Lohan’s

Teen Mom

Whenever we hear of the words ‘teenage mom’ we picture the stereotypical teen mom that television has instilled in us over the years. There is nothing easy about life if you happen to find yourself in a teenage pregnancy situation so I guess it was only a matter of time before somebody somewhere decided that teenage pregnancy was something that could be exploited for the sake of reality TV.

The show does make a half assed effort to show the daily struggles of teenage motherhood but more than anything it goes out of its way to glorify teenage motherhood. One can only wonder how many teenagers have watched this show and made the decision to go out and become mothers as a result.

Teen Mom ran between 2009 and 2012 and followed four different teenage mothers who were easily recognisable as the girls who featured in another television show glorifying teenage pregnancy, 16 and Pregnant.

Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore aired between 2009 and 2012 following eight Italian-Americans who were required to live together as they drank and partied their way through the summer months. From the very first episode the show attracted huge criticism for giving Italian-Americans a bad name and portraying them as a demographic of America who had drink problems and slept around with no concern for the consequences of not practicing safe sex. The show spawned a spin off show in the UK named Geordie Shore which followed the same format only this time it followed a group of youngsters from Newcastle Upon Tyne. Just like its American counterpart the show attracted huge amounts of criticism especially from the population of Newcastle Upon Tyne who say the show portrays them in a very bad light.

Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s

If there is anyone out there who wants to watch a reality show featuring a group of pointless celebrities who are famous for nothing more than being famous then Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s is the show for you. In fact it is actually the show for them as it is probably the best thing that has ever happened to them since they all now make a tonne of money for doing absolutely nothing.

Despite the fact that anyone in the Kardashian family is completely talentless they still appear on a regular basis in news around the world which says a lot more about society as a whole than it does about the stars of the show. tHe show basically does nothing more than document their ridiculous wealth and bizarre family antics. If there was ever a show to create the illusion that any Tom, Dick or Harry could attain fame and wealth with the blink of an eye then Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s is that show.

Megan Wants A Millionaire

When television starts putting out shows like Megan Wants A Millionaire you know for a fact that Madonna was right when she said that we are living in a material world.  Put simply the show follows Megan, a woman who has appeared in several reality shows, and her quest to become a trophy wife of the first millionaire who will have her and keep her in the life she seems to feel that she is entailed to.

There are several reality television shows out there very similar in format but for this particular show Megan gets to spend her time choosing between 17 different millionaires who want to marry her. Thankfully for all involved, especially the audience, the sow was very abruptly cancelled and sent to that television graveyard in the sky when one of the millionaire contestants was implicated in the murder of his current wife.

If you are unfortunate enough to ever catch an episode of this show you will be left wondering what makes any man with a million bucks in the bank so desperate for a woman to find himself on this show.

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