6 Ridiculously Stupid True Stories of People Listening to GPS SatNav

Most of us think our GPS satnav units are wonderful bits of kit that we could not be without. I must admit I think my satnav is great if I do not know where I am going but I can’t imagine how anyone would take the word of a small plastic box as 100% gospel.

The people in the true stories below seem to lack the ability to use common sense over the instructions of their GPS satnav and the results are nothing short of hysterical and bizarre.

Man in a Van Stuck on a Mountain


It really does take something special if you are going to manage to get yourself and your van stuck at the top of a mountain footpath but that is exactly what happened to Swiss van driver, Robert Ziegler. Once Ziegler drove to the very top of the mountain footpath he became stranded unable to move forward, backward or turnaround. He could not even get out of his van. He was rescued when he used his mobile cell phone and called for help. A heavy lifting helicopter had to be used in order to lift Ziegler and his van off the mountain top to safety.

“I was lost and I kept hoping that each little turn would get me back to the main road. In the end it told me to turn around but of course I couldn’t by then,” the driver told police. A fire brigade spokesman explained, “He claims he didn’t see any footpath signs but he must have been a pretty fair driver to get that far up a glorified goat track.”

Woman Gets Stuck in a Sand Trap


I am not a golf player or even a golf lover but it has always been my understanding that golf courses were pretty simple in their layout. I am assuming that they are not the kind of places you are going to get lost as you go about hitting balls around.

A woman in Northbridge, Massachusetts somehow managed to drive her car on to a golf course and get her vehicle stuck in a sand trap. The explanation she gave to the Northbridge police was that the lame lay totally with her GPS satellite navigation system. The woman claimed that her GPS had instructed her to make a left turn which took her into a cornfield. Once she was in the cornfield, rather than wonder why she was no longer on the road, she decided that the best course of action was to keep on driving through the cornfield in the hope that she would come out the other side. Unfortunately for her and any golfers hoping to get a quick round in the other side of the cornfield led onto a golf course where she appeared at speed before crashing into the golf course’s sand trap.

GPS Directs Women into a Lake


If you are going to drive a Mercedes SUV into a lake I suppose it is best that you make sure it is a rented SUV rather than your own.

In Bellevue, Washington three women had to be rescued from a sinking SUV which had been driven down a boat launch and into a lake. The lady driver believed that she was still on the road when her GPS satnav unit directed her to make a turn onto a boat launch. Because the road was dark the woman did not realise the error until it was too late and had drove a good distance into the water.

One woman managed to jump to safety just after the vehicle hit the water but the other two made every effort to remain with the SUV as long as they could. The SUV drifted quickly into the centre of the lake and sank at which point the women had to swim to safety.

Mercedes Swept Away in a Swollen River


I think most people would start to cry if they had to watch their $96,000 Mercedes Benz gets swept away by a swollen river.

A woman in Leicestershire, UK decided that rather than use common sense she would put her fate in to the hands of her trusty satnav which directed her down a winding and muddy track usually used by farmers in their 4×4’s.

Despite clearly seeing a huge sign telling her that the track was unsuitable for vehicles the woman decided to continue on since her GPS unit had told her to do so. Before long the driver found herself at a ford located in the small village of Sheepy Manga and still believing her GPS over everything else she made an attempt to drive through the ford.

Unfortunately there had been a lot of heavy rain in the area and the ford was swollen so the end result was her Mercedes SL500 was swept at least 600 yards downstream bouncing from one river bank to the other as the woman screamed and tried to escape. A local villager managed to help the driver to safety when the Mercedes ran aground.

GPS Parks Car on a Train Track


If you think that GPS satnav only directs people into water you may want to think again. An unfortunate driver of anAudi A4 decided that he could not navigate using his own eyes so blindly followed his GPS which told him to turn onto a train track. This may not seem like it is such a big deal but the driver turned on to the tracks at a point where there was no road crossing and paralyzed his car across the tracks.

All trains on the line were stopped for over 20 minutes. As if rush hour is not bad enough.

GPS Captures a Thief


When it comes to solving crime one of the most important things the authorities must have is evidence. Without evidence a criminal can pretty much do what they want without consequence.

Two men from Kilburn, North London, named Ian Bansie and Steve Warrington spent three months breaking into houses to burgle them. When police finally arrested them the only thing that was missing to was the proof they had been at the scene of each burglary. When police checked the GPS satnav the pair had in their van they discovered that it had recorded the various routes of the van. It also showed that the two criminals had been at the scene of each burglary on the day and time of each crime.

They were jailed for a total of seven years

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