6 Roads That Will Scare You Senseless

There is something strangely alluring about the call of the open road that makes most road trips exciting, passionate and a symbol of freedom and life. There is also something about the open road that is dark and scary. Sometimes this is down to the unknown nature of what lies ahead but sometimes it can be because something bad happened on that road and something supernatural is at work. If that isn’t enough to terrify you then nothing will.

1 – Annie’s Road, Route 80 (USA)


Annie’s Road is located in New Jersey (USA) and is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman who was killed many years ago somewhere along its route. There are varying stories from people who have seen her ghost as to how she appears. Some say that she appears as a hitchhiker who will cause you to lose control of your vehicle should you pick her up while others say she simply appears as a woman wearing a blue or white dress.

The one thing that everyone can agree upon is that the ghost is definitely that of a woman named Annie and that she was killed somewhere on the road. The way in which she died also has various stories behind it. Some locals of the area will tell you that Annie was killed on her wedding night while others claim she was decapitated and then dragged along the road. One of the most popular stories of Annie tells the story of a woman who sometime in the 1960’s, not long before Route 80 was built, lived in the area. On the night of her prom she got into an argument with her boyfriend who kicked her out of the car and left her to walk to her home on River View Drive.

According to the story Annie was soon picked up by sailors who offered her a ride home only instead of taking her home they raped and murdered her. It is said that her sudden, violent and traumatic passing is why her spirit is unable to rest and still wanders the road to this day.

Drivers say that when they pass by Annie’s road at midnight they see her ghost walking along the side of the road. She is also known to appear on the anniversary of her death as well.

There are actually rumors of ghosts and apparitions dating back many years before the 1960’s, going back as far as colonial days. Could this story be yet another urban legend based on a haunted road? Maybe so, but if that was all there was then it is unlikely that Annie’s Road would have reached the legendary status it now has.

For starters there have been countless accidents on this road. Authorities say that the road is dangerous due to its large number of tight twists and turns and lack of lighting but locals of the area claim that it is the curse of Annie.

Is it possible that those drivers who crashed their cars on this road had swerved to avoid a ghost, or lost control of the car after staring at her? Maybe it is possible that the ghost of Annie somehow manages to possess certain drivers on the road and force them off the road in the dead of the night.

The answer to these questions may never be known unless you are brave enough to visit this road for yourself one cold and dark night. But if you do visit this road be warned that in 1994 a local teen was murdered on this road by his friends who were apparently obsessed with the ghost of Annie. There may be two ghosts roaming this road if you visit.

2 – A229 (England)


The A229 road runs from Sussex to Kent and is considered to be one of the most haunted roads in England. Over the years there have been many reports of drivers who have seen a woman dressed in a white dress suddenly appear in front of their car which forces them to brake and swerve to avoid hitting her.

It is believed that ghost is that of a young woman named Judith Langham who was a woman sadly struck and killed on the road in 1965, on her wedding day. There is also apparently a hitchhiker that has been seen many times hitching a lift near the Lower Bells pub to the town of Maidstone. When he gets in the car he talks about all the wrongs in the world and how he thinks he can make then right. When the car reaches Maidstone the hitchhiker disappears into thin air while still in his seat.

3 – B3212 in Portbridge (England)


Spooky tales about the B3212 road in England date all the way back to at least 1910. Most of the tales surrounding the road involve a pair of hair hands which have grabbed the steering wheel of travellers and tried to swerve them off the B3212 between Portbridge and Two Bridges. The story of the ghostly and hairy hands has become so well-known over the years that locals to the area refer them as the Hairy Hands of Dartmoor.

The B3212 is a well-known accident black spot with most of the accidents occurring near Archerton Farm. Locals of course believe that the many accidents can be attributed the ghostly hands.

One such story of such an accident dates back to 1921 when a worker from Dartmoor prison by the name of Dr Helby was killed as his motorcycle crashed when coming up to a bridge that passes over the East Dart His children who were travelling in a sidecar apparently witnessed him struggling to maintain control of the motorcycle. The children were lucky enough to escape alive having jumped from the sidecar.

Another motorcyclist and passenger approaching the same spot some years later were again involved in an accident this time the passenger insisted that a large hairy hand drove them off the road.

The early 1900’s certainly seem to be the most active time in history for the ghostly hands. In 1923 a woman sleeping in a caravan by the side of the road alleged that the hands had attempted to crawl in though the open window, however on making the sign of the cross the hands disappeared.

The last reported sighting of the hands was in 1970 when a truck driver who reported that one hand crossed his windscreen.

It is suggested that the hands belong to an Italian worker who was blown up in an accident at the nearby “Powder Mills”. Several suggestions regarding the accident site have been made such as adverse camber but it still does not explain away what the witnesses claim to have seen.

Would you dare travel this road?

4 – Kelly Road, Ohioville, Pennsylvania (USA)


There is a section of Kelly Road, Ohioville, Pennsylvania only one mile long that has had many reports of paranormal activity and bizarre happenings. Some reports say that animals have wandered into the haunted section of the road and suddenly went from peaceful and quiet creatures to violent and aggressive beasts (think rabid dogs like Cujo), chasing after other animals and even people.

The road itself is surrounded by dense and dark forest where there have been many reported sightings of apparitions moving around and strange unexplained noises heard. There is no official explanation as to why this short section of road is haunted but many theories suggest that it could somehow be connected to strange cult activity that was once taking place in the area and curses that have been put on the land for some reason.

5 – Shades of Death Road (USA)


If there was a place in this world that consisted of twisting narrow roads through dark and dense forest all of which were haunted by the angry spirits of lynched highwaymen then you would not need much more for the perfect horror movie. Perhaps a creepy lake and an old abandoned cabin with a few murders and beheadings throwing in for good measure and a scary as hell name and you are good to go.

As you have probably guessed such place does actually exist and is known by the name Shades of Death Road. It is located in Warren County New Jersey.

Prior to the 1920’s Shades of Death Road was home to a band of highwaymen that lived on the banks of the lake situated near the road. Over the many years that the highwaymen patrolled the road on the lookout for vulnerable travellers more than twenty people, in many cases entire families, were murdered at their hands. No one actually knows what made the locals of a nearby town take matters into their own hands but one dark night they formed a lynch mob and made their way to the lakeside where they massacred the band of highwaymen. The town folk then dragged the mutilated corpses of the highwaymen to the nearby Shades of Death Road and hung them from trees to serve as a warning to others who may have similar ideas.

The deaths at the hands of the highwaymen are not the only murders that the road has seen. Between 1920 and the late 1930’s the road was witness to numerous more murders. First off there was a sighting of a man being robbed and beaten to death at the roadside. The whole thing was witnessed by a family who just happened to be driving along Shades of Death Road. By the time the police were contacted and arrived at the scene both the robber and the victim had gone leaving only a pool of blood.

Secondly there was the case of a woman living somewhere in Allamuchy, NJ who murdered her husband just south of the i80 where Shades of Death Road approaches the very location of the highwaymen’s lake. The motives behind the murder have never being explained nor has a reason been given for her decapitation the corpse and then burying the head and body on separate sides of Shades of Death Road.

Last but not least there is the story of Bill Cummings who was shot to death at an unknown location somewhere along Shades of Death Road. His body, just like the highwaymen, was put on display at the side of the road.

If the idea of all this is not enough to put you off from venturing down this road it might be worth you knowing that the local authorities have refused to release official reports as to how many fatal car crashes the Shades of Death Road has seen but if you ask local residents they will tell you that the number is exceptionally high. Some locals even go as far to claim that if you drive the short seven mile stretch of the road you have a two in three chance of seeing a bloody car wreck at the side of the road.

As you can imagine the road is not without its share of ghost stories. Many people who have dared travel this road have reported a bright light chasing and tormenting their vehicle in what appears to be a direct attempt to run them off the road. Not many people dare walk along this road after dark but those who have say they have witnessed ghostly highwaymen in the woods that surround the road.

6 – Dead Man’s Curve, Clermont County, Ohio (USA)


Dead Man’s Curve is a very dangerous turning intersection located in Clermont County at a place where 222 meets State Route 125. The road itself was built back in 1831, is part of the Ohio Turnpike and has a very long list of victims to its name.

On the night of October 19, 1969 five teenagers met their tragic end when their 1968 Impala was smashed into by a 1969 Roadrunner travelling at an estimated 100mph. The only person who survived the horrific smash was a guy named Rick. Ever since the day of the accident, the intersection has been haunted by a faceless hitchhiker. The ghost is described as the pitch black silhouette of a man that moves along the haunted section of the road tormenting drivers who dare travel the road.

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