6 Simple Things that You Wish You Had Invented

As you move through your life you encounter hundreds of things each and every day that are incredibly simple yet we would struggle to live without. In fact such things have become so imperative in our lives it is safe to say that it is easier to count who does not use them rather than those who do.

What you probably have not thought about is that for every one of those simple inventions that we cannot live without there has been a millionaire made because of it. So just think the next time that you use a sheet of toilet paper there is someone out there who really cashed in big time on something so simple. In a way it makes you angry to think that you were not the one who thought of such a simple idea first.

Here we are taking a look at 6 Simple Things that You Wish You Had Invented.

Push Pins.


Push Pins were invented back in 1900 by a guy named Edwin Moore. Edwin Moore started his push pin company for the tiny sum of only $112 and went about manufacturing push pins thorough the afternoons and nights once he finished his day job. He then sold his push pins for $2.

Fast forward about 100 years and try and imagine how many push pins are manufactured, sold and used each and every day.

Paper Clips


The paper clip was invented by a man named, John Vaaler, in the year 1890. John Vaaler was a Norwegian patent clerk who created the paper clip by having a paper clip of “two tongues” and thin spring-steel wire with two square ends.

The modern day paperclip which is of a slightly different design (same principle) is claimed to be the invention of an American chap named William Middlebrook.

As with many of the simple ideas and inventions on this list a paper clip will quite literally cost only peanuts to make but someone somewhere will now be a millionaire because of them.

The Drinking Straw.


The drinking straw was invented by Marvin Stone in 1888. His first attempt at inventing the drinking straw involved winding a piece of paper around a pencil then gluing it and removing the pencil. It is not rocket science to understand that the paper straw became soggy and failed to work. Stone then went on to use a paraffin-coated Manila type of paper which meant that the water did not make the straw soggy. After a few trial runs the conclusion was came to that the straw needed to be 8 inches long with a diameter just wide enough to allow seeds to not get stuck.

The Shopping Bag.


Try imagining a world without the good old shopping bag. For a start it would be a little on the difficult side to get your groceries home so it does make you wonder how we ever survived without it.

It was a cashier named Walter Deubner who first noticed that people used to only buy in limited volumes so they could carry their purchases home easily. Upon noticing this Deubner decided that he would invent a prefabricated package that was cheap, easy to manufacture yet strong enough to carry 75 pounds of groceries.

Three years later Deubner patented the product and quickly earned millions within a year.

White Out.


In the 1950’s Betty Nesmith Graham (the mother of Michael Nesmith from the Monkees) noticed that painters covered their mistakes with paint so maybe it was possible to also paint over typing errors. This led to her developing what we now know as “White Out”. She started a company originally named, Mistake Out, and made millions from it. To be accurate she sold the company for 47 million dollars in 1980 and sadly died a couple of months after.

Scotch Tape.


I would imagine that most people reading this have heard of a little company named 3M. Well, when I say a little company I actually mean 3M as one of the biggest companies in the world today.

It was a man named Richard Drew who invented scotch tape in 1925 who was partly responsible for the success of 3M. While he was working for 3M he invented scotch tape and distributed the product through the 3M company which quickly made 3M one of the world’s most successfully companies.

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