6 Useful Drugs With Terrifying Side Effects

For most of us when we feel a little unwell we find comfort in knowing that there is probably a drug out there that will make us feel better.

In fact we are all guilty of happily taking medication that our doctors prescribe without ever worrying about any potential side-effects. Amazingly every drug that is available has a side-effect of some description. Some worse than others.

Don’t worry, we have not included any photos of the side effects. If you really feel the urge to take peek just head on over to Google.



Polytrim is an antibiotic which is used to treat a person’s eye. That means you need to insert this drug into your eye through the use of cream or special drops. It is used to heal pinkeye or conjunctivitis.

If the idea of putting medication into your eye has not got you freaking out do not worry because it gets more disgusting.

Using Polytrim basically makes you go blind temporarily. Other mild side effects include blurred vision, skin rashes, itchy eyelids and even itchy eyeballs. If that is still not enough to gross you out the more serious side effects include drainage, crusting and a strange oozing of your eyes and eyelids.



Any guy who is familiar with medical products to cure baldness will probably be familiar with Propecia. While propecia may help restore your hair it will erase everything else that may make you want a full hair of hair, in this case your libido.

Believe it or not but there is a good medical reason why Propecia robs you of your libido. Baldness is actually caused when a guy has too much testosterone. Testosterone destroys the hair follicles. This means that if you want to regrow the hair that you have lost then you need to get rid of that extra testosterone.

The big problem with reducing the amount of testosterone in a man’s body is that it will in turn reduce his sex drive. This is not the only problem with Propecia. Most users also report a huge reduction in the size of their testicles



Doxycycline is classed as an antibiotic but unlike the antibiotics that cure diseases such as smallpox this one has some rather unpleasant side-effects.

One of the side-effects that Doxycycline gives you is incredibly bad sores on an area of your body that you would least want them. The reason the sores develop on your genitals is because Doxycycline is used to treat venereal diseases like gonorrhoea and chlamydia. Basically you have the choice of really bad sores caused by horrible diseases or really bad sores that are caused by the drug which is supposed to be killing off the disease and preventing it from rendering you infertile.

This is definitely one of those situations where you lose regardless of the choice you make.

Retrovir, Zerit, and Protease Inhibitors


If you happen to be taking any of these drugs then things are already looking pretty bad for you as you have AIDS or at least HIV. The last thing you are going to want or need is any kind of side-effect.

Fighting a disease as serious as HIV and AIDS requires a full “steam ahead” approach. This is not to say that nothing is worse than this disease because we know that this is not true. What we do know is that if you are taking these drugs your vanity is sure to take a huge hit because you are going to either lose a tonne of weight or become a great big fat a@@. The drugs used to combat (note we say combat as there is no cure) will redistribute your body weight to a frightening degree.



People are prepared to go to extraordinary lengths and costs to avoid getting old. After all who wants to have their body deteriorate along with their looks making it difficult to get a date for Friday night? Not only that, when you get older you are likely to get sick more easily. You might even find that you get some sort inflammatory disease that you will have to treat. You could do this with a NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) like naproxen sodium.

On the whole NSAID’s are drugs that you really should be grateful for. Before they were discovered you had very few choices one of which was steroids which can mess up your immune system, shrink your testicles, cause you to pile on the weight and basically screw up your life. Such side effects were considered minor if it meant you could move around with a little less pain.

Nowadays you don’t have to worry about side effects from steroids. You just have to worry about the side effects from Naproxen. Imagine the scene. You head to the bathroom in the morning to go about your daily routine only to look in the mirror and realise that your lips and finger nails have turned blue. At least you can move relatively pain free and you testicles are the same size.



If you are a guy who is going through the male menopause you only have to look forward to driving fast cars and picking up sexy chicks. If you happen to be a woman who is getting older things are slightly different when you hit the menopause. You must endure hot flashes and countless other nasties as your hormones reconfigure themselves.

If the hot flashes you are getting happen to be a little too much there is indeed a solution in the form of the drug EvaMist.

I’ll assume that most people who are reading this are not from a medical background so put simply EvaMist is basically a mist full of estrogen hormones which has all of its side-effects listed in small print on two full pages. Among EvaMist’s many side effects there are hypothyroidism, hypertriglyceridemia, hypocalcaemia, gallbladder disease, dementia, heart attacks and cancer.

Now take a moment to think about it. Is it really worth risking cancer because you are feeling a little on the warm side? Surely it would be more appropriate and safer to simply buy a fan.

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