7 Facebook Habits of Highly Annoying People

Facebook seems to be an ever growing force in our lives and with every day that passes we seem to allow it to take over yet another part of our life. It is hard to remember what life was like before we had Facebook just like it is hard to remember what life was like before the internet.


Of course like most things in life there is always going to be people out there who spoil it for everyone else which brings us to our article on 7 Facebook Habits of Highly Annoying People.

Oversharing Spotify

Can you remember back in high school when kids would drive around the parking lot with their stereos cranked up high enough to make your ears bleed? Well, constantly announcing to people what you have listened to on Spotify is just the same as that. You may well think you are cool with an awesome taste in music but I can assure you no one is impressed.

It certainly did not work in high school and I can assure you it does not work on Facebook. Everyone simply thinks that you are an idiot.

Liking Bad News

When you like something on Facebook you should like something interesting and happy. You should be liking your friends status update about how they are about to set off on holiday or the fact that they have just learnt they are about to become a parent. The whole point of the Facebook like button is to show that you are happy for a friend’s good fortune.

Of course people do not always post happy and positive status updates. Sometimes a person may update the most depressing status update you could ever imagine yet there is always going to be one person out there who insists on liking that status.

If it is not enough to announce to the entire world you think it is great a friend has been hit by a bus and lost a leg why don’t you just kick them in the nuts to really add insult to injury?

Posting Inspirational Quotes

An inspirational quote may well have some kind of deep meaning to you but it has little or no effect on anyone else. In fact a person who sees your inspirational quote on their Facebook stream will forget all about it within a second.

Save your status updates for your own thoughts and forget about the philosophical/intellectual quotes that everyone probably think mean something else than you intended them to.

Photo Stalking Your Ex

Okay, so this one is okay and if we are honest we all do it.

Posting Self-Portraits

I am pretty sure if we are honest we are all guilty of taking photographs of ourselves using a camera phone. Just because we have done it once does not mean that we should do it again. Self-portrait photos never ever make us look good and if you think about it taking photos of yourself just makes it look like you have no friends to take the photo for you.

What makes self-portrait photos even worse is that they are always taken with your arm stuck out and the phone raised above your head. This is all well and good if in real life your eyes and forehead happen to be five times the size of the rest of your face. It also seems that if you are so full of yourself that you really must post photos of yourself you also seem to lose the ability to spot the mirror that is behind you.

Never Ending Baby Photos

I am not saying that I dislike children or babies but what I am saying is enough is enough when it comes to the endless stream of baby photos that some people post on Facebook.  We all know that babies are adorable but there are some people on Facebook who really feel the need to overdo it with the baby photos and showing off how adorable their kids are on a weekly, daily and even hourly basis. In fact there are some days that I log onto my Facebook account and it looks like a day nursery.

I often wonder how bad all of these baby photos must make some of the single people feel as they sit worrying about their own biological clocks tick by. All of the baby photos could very easily be considered a cruel form of taunting. What is next? Why don’t we all just throw pacifiers at our childless friend’s heads?

Begging for Attention

Everyone has at least one person on their Facebook friends list who insists on posting cryptic status updates which really look like they are missing a second sentence. These people post status updates like “something’s in life must be worth the wait” or “Can’t believe that happened, Gutted!”

Such status updates are nothing more than a person trying to sound dramatic and crying out for attention. The fact that these people are simply trying to provoke a reaction and interest just comes across as desperate. If you have something to say then just say it as the suspense is NOT killing us.

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