7 Myths About Illegal Drugs That People Actually Believe

When it comes to illegal drugs most people, regardless of if they use them or not, have a certain kind of curiosity. For some strange reason whenever you have something that is illegal the very notion of common sense seems to vanish and people are quite willing to believe anything as fact.

When it comes to illegal drugs people believe a wide variety of myths even though they are totally untrue.

1 – Smuggling Drugs in Baby Corpses


When your average person thinks about the drug trade he thinks about that strange guy on the street corner but what people seldom realise is that he has to get his drugs from somewhere.  They don’t just magically fall from the sky and land on his street corner.

If you were to follow the trail of the drugs you will most certainly bump into what is commonly known as the drug trade. A trade that is controlled by criminal organizations who making billions of dollars and break every law in the book while doing so.

If you ever find yourself not wanting to fall asleep why not read some stories about how Mexican drug cartels punish people who step out of line. You might never be able to sleep again and you certainly will not feel like visiting Mexico anytime in the near future.

Mexican cartel’s think nothing of taking a chainsaw to someone’s head or body so, as you can imagine, they would think nothing of hollowing out the corpse of a baby and stuffing it full of drugs in order to smuggle them into other countries. There have even been reports of this happening and many believe that it is common practise for those with no moral boundaries.

If you have ever heard such reports you will not have being told that none of the reports of smuggling drugs inside a baby’s corpse are totally unverified.  There have been rumours about this practise since the early 1970’s but if you think about this it does seem like an absurd amount of work to smuggle drugs when there are many easier and more effective ways to get the job done.

2 – LSD Makes You Legally Insane


The believe that LSD makes you legally insane has several variations but they all follow the idea that if you use LSD several times or in a big enough dose you can be declared legally insane. This may sound totally ridiculous but it does have several benefits one of which happens to be exemption from military service. This would have been somewhat handy for anyone old enough to remember draft dodging. Strangely there is, however, no law in the Unites States to show where this myth originated from. Digging deeper you will find that there is no even any legal declaration of insanity as it relates to drug use.

The most likely explanation to the origins of this myth have evolved from the belief that taking LSD only once can trigger random freak-outs and flashbacks for the rest of a person’s life.

3 – LSD Makes You a Murderer


When it comes to the extreme end of the myth spectrum it is believed by some people that anyone who is caught selling LSD can actually be charged with attempted murder due to the strong psychotropic effects of the drug which can pose a danger to the user and anyone who is around them.

Most people seem to think that the legal system is based on actual facts and evidence rather than simple myths. Anyone who believes this myth is certainly one of the most paranoid people in society and that alone is a good indication you use drugs.

While this myth is totally untrue and baseless there is a good chance that is originated as a way of explaining the ever increasing prison sentences of those who are caught and found guilty of possession or drug dealing.

4 – Legal Joints Are On Their Way


It is often claimed that tobacco companies are secretly preparing packaging for the inevitable legalization of marijuana. It is even claimed that there is legal marijuana being sold by tobacco companies in certain parts of the world or will be sold all over the world in no more than a couple of years.

This myth is most certainly totally untrue and it is amazing how many people genuinely debate to whether or not it is true or not. Perhaps it is worth considering that if a massive industry is about to start selling a product that is even the slightest bit illegal then it is hardly going to start selling a product that is heavily watched by most governments in the world.

5 – Luck Strike Marijuana


This is a myth that is even older than the myth about tobacco companies preparing to sell marijuana. This myth talks about explaining away the Lucky Strike brand’s name as joints randomly inserted into packages of their cigarettes at set intervals, hence the mythical lucky strike.  As you can imagine the catchphrase “It’s toasted” has certainly not helped to quiet down this particular myth.

Think about how ridiculous this myth really is. Let us imagine for just a second that potheads all over the world are smoking Lucky Strike cigarettes in the hope of striking lucky. What possible ratio of joint-to-cigarette would there need to be to justify them actually buying the product and still making the “lucky strike” reasonably rare?

6 – Meth as Quik

quik milk

Nothing gets your average American jumping for joy like a good old moral panic.

There is a myth that exists in the USA where it is believed drug dealers have started to sell strawberry flavoured meth as Strawberry Quik, the powder that changes the flavour of milk. Disguised by this clever idea drug dealers have managed to penetrate school zones and playgrounds so they can force their drugs on a new generation and get them addicted.

The only piece of truth in this myth is that sometimes meth labs have been known to make meth that is bright colored so that it stands out and looks more appealing to users. This is where any truth ends and fiction sets in.

Let us assume for only a second that drug dealers are so evil they will stop at nothing to push their product on to children. If this is the case then why would they go to all of that extra effort to trick them? We are talking about children here and they are yet to be exposed to the life-ruining ways of the world. All drug dealers would be doing here is creating a whole lot of extra work.

This story was actually so widespread at one time even the mainstream media ran with it for some time. Even hoax stories of people being arrested with flavoured meth creep up every now and then.

7 – Embalming Fluid = PCP


One of the most believed drug myths that nearly everyone believes is that you can make certain illegal drugs from certain legal products. The huge appeal to these myths is that you can finally stick your fingers up to the police and you have a nice easy and cheap source for all your drug needs. You even have all of this without running the risk of ever finding yourself locked behind bars.

It is myths like this that have led to many people believing embalming fluid and PCP are the same thing. A slight variation of this myth is that PCP can be synthesized from embalming fluid.

As you have probably guessed there is no truth to this myth and there is actually no relation between embalming fluid and PCP. In fact embalming fluid is actually really toxic and could quite easily kill you in a matter of seconds if consumed. Typical embalming fluid includes formaldehyde (poison), methanol (poison), and countless other solvents (toxic poison). Amazingly despite the obvious danger there are still to this very day who dip a cigarette into embalming fluid to achieve the effects of PCP.

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