7 Reasons Why Sexy Women Date Geeks

When we are at school we usually find no problem in laughing at the school geek. Guys will tend to bully a geek whereas the girls will turn him down for dates. While this is simply the norm during school life the tables really are turned when it comes to living in the adult world.


When we reach adulthood you can bet your bottom dollar that geeks do better when it comes to relationships over non-geeks. You might agree with this or you might not but just look at the facts below which prove geeks do better in the dating game and they attract some seriously hot women.

Geeks Make More Money.


Before we go any further I am not for one second suggesting that woman desire money over everything else. That said just take a moment and look at this from a practicality of life view point.

Your average geek is likely to gain a better education than most and therefore is more likely to get a better paid job. This means that they are, in most cases, able to offer more of life’s luxuries, buy a bigger house, a nicer car, nicer clothes and all of the other things that go with a better paid job.

Then there is the other end of this scale where the geek that you knew at school and made fun of left school and went on to found a social media website or the geek who started a computer company out of his parents garage which then went on to become Apple.

This certainly is more appealing than a life with a guy who works in McDonalds isn’t it?

Geeks are Smarter.


It goes without saying that geeks are usually the smarter members of our society. You may well think that this means nothing when it comes to attracting women but you could not be more wrong.

Since geeks are usually smarter this means that they are able to carry out a stimulating conversation about a broad range of subjects. Stimulating and interesting conversation goes a long way when it comes to attracting members of the opposite sex.

Geeks are a Welcome Change.


There is every chance that your average woman has spent her entire dating life (especially her younger life) dating you stereotypical kind of guy. There is also every chance that your average woman has grown tired of the same thing happening in her relationships at the hands of this type of man. As she grows up she very well might begin to realise that there are other things that are important to her in life and a partner.

A geek may very well be a welcome change from the norm.

Geeks are Your Boss.

geek boss

As a rule women do tend to find power attractive. President Bill Clinton is a prime example of this. While you may make fun of the geeks you went to school with the smart money says that you will go on in life to work on the factory floor and that geek will go on to be your boss and that means he is in charge of you and therefore has power over you.

Geeks Remember Things.

Geeks are better at remembering things than your average man. Where your average man probably regularly forgets anniversaries and birthdays your average geek will remember these and various other romantic moments. This carries a lot of weight when it comes to attracting a woman. Remembering things shows you care.

Geeks Appreciate Things.


You average guy as a rule often feels that it important to keep up his macho image whereas this is not all that important. They are much more at ease with appreciating the finer things in life. A man who is touch with his feelings can go a long way when it comes to attracting women.

Geeks Are in Better Physical Shape.


I am not saying for one second that geeks do not enjoy a drink or two but when compared to your average blue collar guy they do not indulge nearly half as much. Over the years alcohol consumption sure does add up especially around your middle and by the time your average regular drinker hits 30 he is sporting a very cosy spare tyre around his middle.

Your average geek on the other hand will usually take better care of himself and therefore look better and thinner as he ages.

Geeks Live Longer.


Because geeks tend to have better jobs which do not require physical and manual labour they tend not to damage their bodies as much as their blue collar counterparts. Combine this fact with the rule that geeks tend to live a healthier lifestyle then you are looking at your average geek living longer than a non-geek.

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