7 Stupid Ways People Have Accidentally Killed Themselves


I am the first to admit that death and dying is anything other than funny or entertaining but every so often it emerges that someone has managed to accidentally kill themselves in the strangest, weirdest and stupidest of ways you probably never thought were possible. For example…..

1 – Wearing A Neck Scarf that is Too Long


Way back in the 1920’s a woman named Isadora Duncan was a well known, well loved and stunningly beautiful dancer. She was as well known for her slender figure and long neck as she was for her graceful dancing. Isadora often enjoyed wearing long scarves which she would allow to flow graceful from her neck.

Unfortunately for Isadora she also enjoyed taking drives in the French countryside and as you can imagine long flowing scarves and open top cars with moving parts really don’t mix together. On the fatal day her scarf managed to get itself tangled in the rear wheel of her car while she was riding in the passenger seat, snapping her neck and killing her quicker than you could say ouch.

2 – Eating Way Too Much Dessert

As we all know gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins and anyone who is interested in history will know that there are plenty of people in the history of royal families who are well known for this sin. The first that springs to most peoples mind is King Henry VIII of England but he ate like a stick insect when compared to King Adolf Frederick of Sweden.

King Adolf ate his last mean on February 12, 1771 when he sat down and feasted on lobster, caviar, steak and champagne. Most people would not feel like eating for a week having consumed such a lavish meal but not King Adolf who decided to finish off his feast with a dessert. A dessert which consisted of 14 huge bowls of Semla, a creme-filled pastry served in a bowl of hot milk. It was at the end of the 14th bowl that kings digestive system decided it could take no more and failed him killing him in the process.

3 – Listening Too Very Loud Music

One of the most common things that parents say to their kids must surely be “will you turn down that darn music.” For most of us we assume that our parents say this because they don’t want us to damage our hearing but there is an obvious safety issue there is you are unable to hear the world around you.

This is exactly what happened in the case of Isaiah Otieno of British Coumbia who was walking down the street wearing his headphones with his music pumped up to the very max. If it hadn’t been for his ridiculously loud music shaking his brain loose inside his head he probably would have heard the sound of the out of control helicopter that was heading in his direction.

As the helicopter came crashing down behind him it continued down the street colliding at high speed with the oblivious Otieno who was on his way to post a letter. The moral of this story is that it pays to pay attention as freak accident do occur from time to time.

4 – Death at the Hands of Your Own Invention

Segway’s, those two wheel stand-on transportation units, are very cool and great fun but they can also be somewhat dangerous especially if you happen to be James W. Heselden, the owner of Segway Inc.

Heselden was out for a ride on his very own Segway near his home in the south of England when he managed to accidentally steer it off a cliff. According to witnesses Heselden had been travelling down a path which ran along the top of a cliff when he tried to move over to one side to allow walkers past. As he did so he was unable to accurately steer his gadget and drove straight off the nearest cliff. Maybe Segway’s aren’t the safest things to be riding on in traffic after all.

5 – Playing Video Games

The next time you embark on a marathon video game session you might want to remember Lee Seung Seop, a man with a serious video game addiction. This man quit his job so that he could devote more time to playing video games and that decision ultimately cost him his life.

In the August of 2005 Seop started on a marathon video game session at his local South Korean internet coffee shop. He managed to play for a whopping 50 hours only ever stopping so he could take a toilet break. He ended up dying while still sat at the computer terminal. The cause of death was determined to be dehydration and heart failure. This death certainly gives a whole new meaning to words “Game Over”.

6 – Parachute Suit Testing

As one can imagine the ultimate test for any parachute or parachute suit is to actually jump from a very high building or an aeroplane. In 1912 aeroplanes were not that easily accessible so when Franz Reichelt, a French tailor who was obsessed with creating a wearable parachute suit, needed to test his device he went straight to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Reichelt called himself The Flying Taylor and on February 4, 1912 he climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower to test his parachute suit by throwing himself form the top while wearing it. Originally he had promised to use a dummy for the test but horrified onlookers watched him strap himself into the suit and then hurl himself over the towers edge. The suit failed to work as he had expected, in fact it did nothing, as he plunged quickly to his death. A quick search on YouTube will give you a variety of videos which show the real event and the man’s fall to his death.

7 – Overdosing on Sex and Viagra

I have often heard that you cannot get to much of a good thing but that certainly was not the case for Sergey Tuganov, a 28 year old man who made a bet with two girls for $3,000 that he could go at it with them all day. Determined to make sure he won the bet and the $3,00 Tuganov downed an entire bottle of Viagra and jumped into action. Zoom forward 12 hours and Tuganov was victorious in winning the bet but later died of a heart attack as a direct result of consuming a fatal overdose of the drug.

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