7 Things Everyone Believes Because of the Movies

While movies are a great way of entertaining ourselves they are seldom based entirely on facts from the real world. In the movies anything is possible and over the years most people realise that while something’s are possible in the movies they are not possible in real life.

Having said that there are plenty of things that people believe are true because of the movies which are nothing more than movie myths. Here are 7 Things Everyone Believes Because of the Movies.

Gun’s That Can be Silenced


Where you have seen it

In the line of fire, Die Hard 2, Leon, Every James Bond Movie, Most movies with an assassin.

The Myth

Guns, while effective killing weapons, are very loud and attract the attention of anyone who happens to be nearby. Even a gunshot in a house or building will attract the attention of neighbours who will call the police who will then show up in only a few minutes.

The solution to this problem is to simply screw a metal cylinder known as a silencer to the barrel of your gun so that rather than making a very loud bang you will only hear a near silent phuft, phuft noise. This means you will no longer be attracting the attention of nosey neighbours or those pesky guards who are patrolling the area.

The Truth

There is no two ways about it. Exploding gun powder is extremely loud. In fact it is so loud it can cause your ears to bleed and even deafness. There is no way a small metal tube stuck on the end of the gun’s barrel is going to silence such a loud noise. The whole concept that a gun can be silenced to that “phuft” sound you imagine exists only in Hollywood movies.

A silencer should be more accurately named a “suppressor” which will certainly reduce the noise of a gun a little bit but not a lot. The truth is that a single gunshot from a hand gun is rated somewhere around 150-160 decibels. By adding a silencer to your gun will bring that sound down to around 120-130 decibels. Any sound rated at 125 decibels is loud enough to cause some pretty serious pain in your ears and is louder than your average rock concert.

The truth is a gun cannot be silenced like you see in the movies. The video below will show you just how loud a silenced handgun really is.

Bumps on the Head Cause Amnesia


Where you have seen it

The Bourne Trilogy, 50 First Dates

The Myth

Most people believe because of the movies that if you receive a hard enough bump on the head you will get amnesia and forget pretty much everything about your life. In the movies amnesia is quite a common occurrence.

The Truth

You will probably be surprised to learn that amnesia is actually quite a rare condition and is nothing like what most people imagine. Memory loss and amnesia like you see in the movies is usually only caused by serious brain infections or a stroke.

With memory loss it is also very uncommon for a person’s memory to be wiped entirely clean. In all but a few cases a person who suffers memory loss can remember everything up until the moment the amnesia began. A person with amnesia would be unable to form new memories.

There is less than a 1% chance a bump on the head would cause a person to suffer amnesia. This is pure Hollywood fiction.

Keep People on the Phone to Trace the Call


Where you have seen it

Ransom, Phone Booth, Countless police movies

The Myth

In the movies tracing the location of a phone call can really take some time. In any movie or television show you watch which involves a phone tap it is common place to be encouraged to “keep them talking” so the phone call can be traced to its exact location. Of course any serial killer who knows what they are doing will hang up the phone long before the call can be traced.

The Truth

The desperate attempt to keep someone talking on the phone so the call can be traced is a great way to build up tension and suspense in a movie but it has very little resemblance to reality. The truth is that telephone companies have some pretty advanced technology nowadays and they can trace a phone call nearly instantly. The police can now instantaneously get a physical location for every single phone call they receive so the idea that they would need to keep someone talking on the phone is just ludicrous and only in the movies to get you on the edge of your seat.

Move Slowly, You’re in Space


Where you have seen it

2001 A Space Odyssey, Apollo 13, Moonraker

The Myth

When people are in a space ship and in zero gravity not only do they float around they also move very slowly. In fact everything that is floating about moves in slow motion. Think back to the opening scene in 2001.

The Truth

Astronauts and people in space do seem to move slowly when you see real video footage of them but this is not because they have to it is because of safety and they are trying to avoid crashing in to things. The truth is when something is in a zero gravity environment they move much faster than they would move normally for the reason that there is no gravity to slow them down.

The slow motion objects you see floating around in space movies would, in real life, actually be moving much faster than you would expect.

Give me My Phone Call


Where you have seen it

Robocop, The Matrix, Every police buddy movie

The Myth

If you find yourself arrested by the police you will be entitled to one phone call once you get to the police station. Everyone is entitled to a phone call once they are arrested regardless of their crime and regardless of who they happen to be

The Truth

The idea that everyone who is arrested is entitled to a phone call could possibly be one of the most well-known and believed of all movie myths yet it is completely false.

Sure, some prisons may well allow you to use the phone to make a call but there are plenty who won’t. Just imagine the response you would get from a guard if you started to shout and demand a your “god, damn phone call”. You would probably feel the end of his night stick in your groin.

The police and prison system is in no way obliged to give you a phone call.

Jumping Through Glass Windows


Where you have seen it.

Lethal Weapon, I am Legend

The Myth

Even if you happen to be completely naked with no clothes on at all you can jump through a plate glass window and receive little or no cuts and scratches.

The Truth

Jumping or falling through a glass window is going to hurt you an awful lot. The problem with glass is that when it breaks the edges are very sharp indeed so if your body was to smash through a sheet of glass your body is going to be rubbing past some rather sharp material. This sharp material would cause you, at the very least, very serious lacerations and could even result in your death.

It is nearly impossible to jump through a sheet of glass without a huge array of very serious injuries.

Cigarettes Make Cars Explode


Where you have seen it

Payback, The Usual Suspects

The Myth

This movie myth is the one where you see a movie character pierce a hole in a cars gas tank and make a trail of gasoline from the car and up the street. The character then drops a lit cigarette on to the trail of gasoline and the flame runs along to the fuel tank and the car explodes.

The Truth

In real life the dropped cigarette would certainly not explode a car. In fact the cigarette might cause a flame to run along the trail of gasoline but would go out before it reached the fuel tank.

Back in 2007 a forensic expert named Richard Tontarski carried out an experiment where lit cigarettes were dropped on to trails of petrol. He performed over 2000 experiments and not once did the cigarettes even light the trail of petrol.

If only Hollywood had seen these experiments. It might not be as cool but at least it would be accurate.

Sparks From Bullets


Where you have seen it

Every action movie that has ever been made.

The Myth

When bullets are fired and hit a wall or any other object a spark is produced which is very convenient for movies that want to show where the bullet struck.

The Truth

Smashing steel into a brick wall may well cause a spark or two but what most people do not realise is that bullets are not commonly made from steel.

Most bullets are not made of steel they are actually made from lead with is a pretty dense and soft type of metal which is designed so that it does not cause damage to the barrel of a gun and are not capable of creating a spark when it collides with other materials.

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