7 Top Secret Government Agencies Around the World

NSA Phone Records

Ever since the beginning of time it has being widely accepted that every government on the planet has to do certain things in secret. There will always be some people who insist that things would be better if the governments of the world were completely open about all of their activities but the sensible and realistic people among us realise that things such as national security require a certain degree of secrecy.

It is said that spying is the second oldest profession in the world, first place being awarded to prostitution, so you know that any profession that is that old is certain to be a highly skilled field. This of course has led to the creation of many top secret government agencies over the years. Some of them designed to develop top secret military weapons while others have being designed to spy on enemies and, in some cases, a countries own citizens.

The most recent or successful of top secret government agencies won’t be found on this list. The reason why they won’t be found here is because they are so good at what they do the general public is still to learn of their existence. The agencies that have come to public intention can be found below.

1 – The National Clandestine Service (NCS)


We all know that the CIA is a very secretive agency but we all know that it exists. We hear its name mentioned in books, on television and in movies. We even read about it on the internet and in our daily newspapers. Although we know that the CIA exists we know very little of what it does on  a day to day basis since that is all top secret.

What you probably haven’t heard of is the NCS (National Clandestine Service) which is actually a top secret division of the CIA. The NCS is so secretive that it rarely gets a mention in the news and you will never here a politician or United States President talk about it.

The little that we know about the NCS tells us that the division was set up in 2005 as a response to the September 11 attacks. According to the very limited information that is out there the NCS carry’s out various covert economic and political operations, recruiting of top secret agents, and paramilitary activities. They also apparently have a special subdivision known as a Special Activities Division who carries out a wide variety of deniable black ops all over the world.

2 – State Security Department of North Korea

North Korean Army

When it comes to countries that are secretive North Korea stands head and shoulders above everyone else. When you have a country this secretive you just know that any of its top secret government agencies are going to be as top secret as it gets.

The most secretive of government agencies that we know of within North Korea is the State Security Department which is often referred to as the secret police. The State Security Department is said to have been founded in 1973 and it reports only to the Supreme Leader of North Korea.

There is little in anyone knows about what the secret police get up to but it assumed that they are responsible for running the countries notorious and brutal concentration camps along with providing bodyguards to the North Korean regime’s top men.

Kim Jong-un is said to have had a long history of involvement with the day to day activities of this top secret department and has actually increased their importance and responsibilities since he came to power.

To give you an idea of just how secretive North Korea’s State Security Department is consider the fact that not even the CIA has any idea what the agency is officially named or how it is organised.

3 – The Ministry of Intelligence and National Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran


The MISIRI has several names, many of them are actually unknown, and are so secretive that only agencies inside North Korea rival its mystery.  The MISIRI was brought in to existence in 1984 and brought together a number of organizations and also included some of the Shah’s spooks who were well known for their effectiveness at their job and their brutality.

There is very little in the way of available information about the MISIRI but the little that we do know certainly implies that the agency was involved in the Chain Murders, a large series of murders of various dissidents and intellectuals. The Chain Murders took place between the years of 1988 and 1998 and led to the death of more than 80 people. Over the years various explanations and theories have been put forward to explain the horrific violence, including theories about foreign intelligence agencies. It wasn’t until 1999 that there were whispers and then an admission that rogue agents from the counties security forces were responsible.

In 2000 the chief suspect in the case supposedly committed suicide while in prison. This was followed up with the murder of two journalists who were investigating the case. The details behind the agency and the events of mass violence between 1988 and 1998 are limited to this very day with most of the victims’ relatives believing that the truth is yet to come out.

4 – The National Security Service of Uzbekistan (SNB)


When it comes to freedom, human rights and democracy, Uzbekistan has a somewhat poor past record. The National Security Service of Uzbekistan was set up to replace the KGB following the demise of the Soviet Union and has since become a private and secret tool of the Tashkent Clan.

Like many top secret agencies there are very few concrete facts known about the SNB but it is suspected that they have been and still are involved in the torture and shooting of demonstrators and carrying out a large number of false flag terrorist attacks in order to justify their numerous crack downs and restrictions made on the general public.

A massacre in which more than 1,000 protestors were murdered in the street led to massive reforms which made the SNB more powerful than ever. You can be assured if someone happens to look over your shoulder when you are using the internet in public then it will most likely be the SNB who are known to be in charge of controlling and restricting the internet and its use.

5 – The Ministry of State Security (MSS) of the Government of the People’s Republic of China

Flag of the People's Republic of China

The MSS didn’t follow on from the security forces of the pre-communist Chinese state but was a successor to the party’s own secret intelligence services. The current form of the MSS was founded sometime around 1983 and while this government has apparently been very successful in its operation, no one in China or the Chinese government seems willing to acknowledge this.

The little that is known about the MSS points towards rumours they’re successfully infiltrated the CIA with an undercover secret agent who managed to somehow remain in operation for several decades. Sources claim that the MSS is so widespread and successful that at one point  they were able to recall 120 agents located around the world. You can imagine the shock when a number of Canadian, European and Japanese based journalists, bankers, academics and business one day stood up and told their family that they were leaving and heading back to China.

Although the MSS is said to carry out most of its operations outside of China there is some evidence to suggest that it also carries out various operations at home. One such operation apparently involves monitoring and policing the use of the internet by Chinese citizens.

6 – The Foreign Intelligence Service, Russian Federation (SVR)


It is probably hardly any surprise that that Russia has changed very little from what is was before the fall of the USSR. It is well documented that Vladimir Putin was once a member of the KGB and makes sure his state maintains a formidable array of secret organizations that watch over other countries and the people of Russia.

The SVR is one of two Russian agencies responsible for spying on the world and although it is actually the smaller of the two it has been linked to some very serious wrong doings. The agency reports directly to Vladimir Putin and he is also able to request that the agency does anything that he asks of it with no need to consult other government agencies or members.

The SVR actually has several more top secret organizations within itself which includes a special operations group although the Russian government strongly denies this. The few people who have defected and live to tell the tale have spoken about an agency consisting of thousands of undercover agents and political assassinations. The most famous political assassination in recent years was the 2006 killing of Alexander Litvinenko in London through the use of radioactive poisoning.

7- Government Communications Head Quarters, UK (GCHQ)


It may seem strange to call an agency secretive when its headquarters is a gigantic building in the shape of a huge donut but the UK’s GCHQ is more a government agency that is more secretive than both MI5 and MI6 combined.

Agencies similar to GCHQ which focuses on signals intelligence operations have been around in the UK since the first world war but the actual GCHQ came into existence in 1983.

The agency is watched over by a special committee of parliament and has spent many hundreds of millions of pounds on their new donut shaped HQ. Well aware of the huge sums of taxpayers money that GCHQ has in its annual budget people always seem shocked when news stories emerge claiming that the agency is responsible for eavesdropping on visiting foreign Politian’s at summits or tapping into the American PRISM internet snooping program.

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