7 Totally Bizarre Things People are Addicted To

When most people think of addictions they think of things like cigarettes, drugs or alcohol. The truth is there is no end to the things that people can find themselves addicted to and believe me there are some pretty strange, whacky and wild addictions that people have admitted to over the years

Tanorexia – Addiction to Tanning


Tanorexia is the term used to describe a person who has an unhealthy addiction to tanning their body. The name ‘tanorexia’ comes due to the fact that an addiction to tanning is very similar to both substance addictions and body image disorders such as anorexia.

People who are addicted to tanning seem to feel that they are never tanned enough the same way that a person with anorexia always feels that they are fat.

CrackBerry – Addiction to BlackBerry


CrackBerry is not an addiction to blackberry fruits but an addiction to BlackBerry smartphones. People who suffer from BlackBerry addiction will often hear phantom ringing and will find it very difficult to go any length of time without feeling an uncontrollable urge to check emails, texts or just play with an app. While the name CrackBerry may suggest that the addiction only applies to BlackBerry addiction the truth is that it can apply to any type of smartphone.

Addiction to Cosmetic Surgery


Cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery seems to be coming more and more popular in recent years. Each year thousands of people go under the knife for simple procedures and leave it at that. There are plenty of those people who quickly become addicted to the process of cosmetic surgery. Usually a person suffering from an addiction to plastic surgery will never be satisfied with the results of any procedure or their appearance in general. This leads them to continuously seek more extreme treatments often with horrific results.

Pagophagia – Addiction to Ice


The term ‘pagophagia’ refers to a person who has an addiction to ice. A person suffering from an addiction to ice will constantly feel the need to eat or chew on blocks of ice or ice cubes.

Research has shown that people who suffer from pagophagia usually suffer from low iron in their blood.

Addiction to Funerals


The addiction to funerals is a rather unique and rare addiction. In fact it is so rare that it does not even have an official name. One of the first recorded cases of an addiction to funerals was a Brazilian man named Luis Squarisi who has attended every single funeral in his town for the past 20 year. So strong is his addiction it has actually caused him to quit his job so that he has more time to feed his weird addition. He claims that his addiction to funerals first started when he attended his father’s funeral back in 1983. He also claims that the first thing he does each day is check the newspapers to find out who has died so he can organise his funeral schedule.

Geophagy – Addiction to Dirt


Geophagy is an addiction to dirt. Suffers will actually spend much of their time actually eating big chunks of dirt.

Addiction to dirt is a well-documented addiction and much more common than most people realise. It is closely associated to people who are suffering chronic mental illness. Obviously an addiction to dirt can cause all kinds of problems as people who eat dirt are also consuming a wide variety of harmful germs and bugs.

Teeth Whitening Addiction


An addiction to teeth whitening is exactly what it says. People who suffer from this addiction cannot seem to get their teeth white enough and the process of addiction is extremely fast. There are two possible side effects from this addiction. First a person may suffer from sensitive teeth as the protective coating is quickly stripped away and secondly they may suffer from gum irritation as the chemicals used to whiten the teeth get into sores on the gums.

The tooth whitening industry is worth a whopping $1.8 billion each year so teeth whitening addiction may well be more common than you expect.

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