8 Bits of Fake Apple Hardware to Make You Cringe

Apple have been responsible for some really cool and innovative gadgets over the years but that is no the only thing that Apple has given the world. Apple has also given bootleggers all over the world a superb brand to copy and some amazing gadgets to try and replicate. Here we look at 9 fake Apple hardware products which will make you cringe.

Fake iPhones



The Apple iPhone has been a huge success for Apple and it is fair to say that the iPhone could well be one of the most sought after products in the world. Because of this it is inevitable that the bootleggers will try to piggy back off Apples success. That is not to say any bootlegging of the iPhone makes a beautiful and elegant product. In fact in many cases a fake Apple cell phone may involve a pirate taking a budget cell phone and simply sticking an Apple sticker on the case.

 The Apple iPhone Stove


The iPhone advert says there is an app for everything but is there an app to cook your tea? Well if you struggle to heat up your baked beans on your iPhone why not buy yourself this fake Apple iPhone stove.

The iPhone 5 Lolly


I know what you are thinking. You are wondering why we think this Apple iPhone 5 lolly is a fake. Well, can we just call it a hunch and that it just goes to prove that bootleggers are creating food from the Apple brand.

Apple Shoes


If you are not satisfied with only having your gadgets have an Apple logo with these bootlegged shoes you can now have a pair of sneakers with the Apple logo.

The iArm


I am sure there are going to be some people who think the iArm is a good idea but I can assure you it is not. Just think about the quality of most bootlegged hardware. If you make a sudden movement of your arm there is a good chance that your iPad or iPhone could go shooting across the room.

Apple-Inspired Cake Packaging


Apple are well known for creating minimalist style packaging for there products so it is only natural the bootleggers will not only copy the hardware but the packaging. An example is these Apple branded cake boxes which are meant to look like an iPhone box.

Fake Magic Mouse iPhone


This is a fake iPhone designed to look like a computer mouse. We have no clue as to why anyone would want to own this lime green thing.

iPad Clones


The iPad, like the iPhone, has been a huge success for Apple so before the iPad hit the streets of China the bootleggers were already offering a fake version to satisfy the demand. Even now the iPad is available worldwide there is still a huge demand for cloned iPad’s at a reduced price.

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