8 Reasons the Moon Landings Were Hoaxed


Depending on what survey you look at it is estimated that around 20% of Americans believe that the moon landings were nothing more than an elaborate hoax. Over the years conspiracy theorists have had a field day with all manner of aspects that seem to point to the idea the United States faked the moon landings just they could claim victory over Russia in the race to land a man on the moon.

Like all good conspiracy theories there has to be some believable facts to back up these wild and whacky ideas. The idea that moon landings were faked is certainly no different with plenty of reasons being put forward to suggest that the moon landings were indeed were faked.

1 – The Waving Flag


One of the most iconic images from the moon landings is that of the American flag fluttering as astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planted it on the moon’s surface. A flag fluttering may not seem like such a big deal but there is no air in the moon’s atmosphere which means there is no wind of any description. Without air and without wind there would be no way for the flag to flutter as it appears to do so in the video footage.

This has led many people to believe that when the astronauts planted the flag were not planting it on the moon’s surface but rather some secret location here on earth where air and wind are present.

2 – The Lack of an Impact Crater


If you take a look at any of the video footage or photographs from the moon landings and pay particular attention to the lunar module itself, there is one thing that should really stand out. The surface of the moon is covered in a very fine dust that even the lightest of touches would displace. Looking at the exact location of where the lunar module landed and later blasted off from you will notice that there is no markings made on the lunar surface, not even a slight indentation. Is this a clear sign that the lunar module never actually landed on the moon and what we see in video footage was nothing more than a movie set?

3 – Light Coming From More Than One Direction


Just like the earth, the moon has only one strong light source capable of creating shadows. This is why common sense leads us to realise that any photograph or video footage of the moon landing should only have shadows cast in one direction all of which run parallel to each other. Anyone who has closely examined photographs and video footage of the moon landings will tell you that this is not the case when Neil Armstrong took his one small step for man. Close examination does indeed show shadows being cast in several directions which would indicate multiple light sources – similar to what you might expect on a Hollywood movie set.

4 – The Van Allen Radiation Belt


The Van Allen Radiation Belt is a belt of radioactive energy which surrounds the earth like an invisible force field held in place by the earths own magnetic field. Any astronaut who was to travel to the moon would need to pass through this radioactive belt which many experts claim has radiation levels so high that anyone trying to pass through it would be fried. Even with today’s modern technology it would prove difficult to protect a person passing through this type of intense radiation so back in 1969 when astronauts went to the moon I would have been nearly impossible.

5 – The Unexplained Object


Close examination of several photographs from the Apollo 12 mission reveal a strange object reflected in the astronaut’s helmet. It is impossible to say for sure what the strange object may be but it does strike a very good resemblance to an overhead spotlight which is common in Hollywood movie studios.

6 – An Obvious Lack of Stars


This could well be the most convincing argument on our list. The moon has no atmosphere and no clouds so therefore objects such as stars should be extremely visible and much brighter from the moon’s surface. If you look at any known photograph or video footage from the moon landings you will notice that there are no stars visible in any image. Even images that were of an extraordinarily high definition fail to show the presence of any stars.

7 – The Layered Cross-Hairs


It is indeed a fact that many of the cameras that were used to photograph the moon landings used cross-hairs as a guide when it came to scaling and direction. What is strange is that in some of the photos cross-hairs seem to appear behind some of the objects in the scene. This suggests the possibility that certain photographs have been edited or retouched after they were taken. Does this give an indication that the photographs were taken here on earth and needed to be retouched in order for them to appear authentic and convincing?

8 – Duplicate Backdrops


This entry on our list takes some real investigation but it could also prove outright that the moon landings were nothing more than an elaborate hoax. There are at least four photographs that, even though they were taken many miles apart, clearly appear to have identical backdrops.  Hardcore conspiracy theorists claim that the identical backdrops prove that NASA probably used the same backdrop on movie set when filming different scenes of the moon landings.

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