8 Tips to Become the Worlds Greatest Sugar Daddy

There are plenty of guys who enjoy playing the field rather than settling down with one woman. Of course playing the field is easy when you are younger but as you start advancing in years you might find that charming the ladies becomes a little more difficult so you may need to rethink your game plan especially if you are still not done playing the field. It is worth remembering that even the Fonz got old and his show was cancelled because no one wanted to see a middle-aged Fonz hit on young girls.


If you are finding yourself in the situation of the Fonz then you may want to consider becoming a sugar daddy. Here are a few tips on getting yourself started as the best ever sugar daddy.

Dress Sharp, Look Good.

If you wish to be a sugar daddy you will need to look your best. That means having great fashion sense and your own personal stylish look. Looking sharp is all part of the advertisement that you are trying to put out to potential lady friends. It shows you have taste, that you have enough money to care about your appearance and that above all else any sex will be less of a chore for her if you look good.

Don’t be afraid to hire your very own stylist if you need some help in choosing your clothes. A stylist will make sure you pick the best clothes to bring out the best of your body and in turn this will show your potential lady friend that you have enough money to be able to afford a stylist in the first place.

The bottom line here is that old jeans and a t-shirt only look good if they have been chosen by a stylist.

Become Rich or at Least Act Rich.

Any woman who is looking for a sugar daddy will tell you that one of their most appealing factors it their social status and financial stability. It does not matter what line of work you happen to be in as long as you have a good amount of money in your bank account. This means you can fulfil your role as by buying your lady friend all manner of products that she may desire and it also means she can put her feet up and not have to worry about ever having to work herself.

For any aspiring sugar daddy the amount of money in your bank account really does show your lady friend that you are both the alpha male and the one in charge.

You cannot expect to just become a sugar daddy you must be able to afford to be a sugar daddy as well. If you are unable to fund the lifestyle of a sugar daddy you will need to at least find a way to act as though you have money. Maybe light your cigar with a one dollar bill instead of that 100.

Make Sure You Sound Educated.

If you wish to be a sugar daddy you do not necessarily need to be a rocket scientist but you will need to have knowledge of things other than just sport, beer and the stock market. This is all part of making you interesting and a worthy sugar daddy.

Find a subject that excites you (not porn or sports) and educate yourself on it. Try and choose a subject such as politics, finance, wine or other topics which have a universal appeal and make you sound upper class. Women love a well-read man so you need to at least sound like you have read a good number of books. This will make you desirable and irresistible.

Your goal here is to make yourself seem smarter than you actually are.

Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk.

It is simply no good trying to be a sugar daddy if you don’t act like a sugar daddy. This is same you are unlikely to hear an expert plumber talking about nuclear physics.

So if you want to be a sugar daddy then make sure that you are talking the talk and walking the walk. Learn to improve your conversation skills. Learn how to be charming and witty and above all else make sure that you are being charming and witty by society’s standards not by your own. You do not want to be one of those guys who are constantly laughing at your own jokes.

Act Like a Gentleman.

No one has ever become the best at anything over night with no effort. Like all good things in life becoming a sugar daddy requires time and effort. Ladies who are interested in their own sugar daddy are interested for a reason and that reason is not so they can spend time with a foul mouthed redneck with no manners. To be a sugar daddy you need to be a gentleman, you need to be confident. If you are a sugar daddy then you really are a cut above the rest so make sure that you show it.

Exercise and Take Care of Yourself.

It is one thing to buy and wear designer clothes as they help you look good but there is more to it than just that. You must also look good without your expensive shirts. If you want to be the best of the best sugar daddy then you need to hit the gym so you can build a little muscle and trim away any unnecessary fat. Think Peirce Brosnan who not only looks good but probably smells good. Not that I have ever smelt him but I am pretty sure he smells good.

Buy and Drive a Flash Car.

You might not be a car type of guy but when it comes to sugar daddies the car you drive makes a huge difference. No self-respecting lady friend is going to want to turn up at an expensive restaurant in a cheap Hyundai. She wants to be driven there in style so even if you have to rent a car for the evening an expensive car is a must.

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