9 Amazing Facts about Flirting You Should Know


One thing for sure is that it would be fantastic if we knew instinctively what works and what does not when it comes to flirting. Unfortunately there is no science behind flirting so you can either continue to dance like your dad at parties, roll out cheesy chat up lines, or check out these 9 amazing facts about flirting.

The More Flirtatious a Person, the More Attention they Get

It is never the most attractive person in a room who gets all of the attention. It is actually the most flirtatious person in the room who grabs the most attention especially attention form the opposite sex.


Research has discovered that the average person who sends out 35 flirtatious signals an hour can expect to be approached by four or five romantic gestures in that same hour. It is easy to think that 35 flirtatious signals in an hour seems like a lot but a person who is considered good at flirting will be constantly sending out those signals. Remember that a flirtatious gesture can include things like a tilt of the head, a stroke of the arm or simply leaning towards a person. When you include all such gestures it is very easy for those flirtatious signals to build up.

It Takes Three Glances to Send a Romantic Signal

Everyone knows that when they find someone attractive they cannot help but to look in their direction.


In many cases people will stare at a person they find attractive in the hope that the person will notice you are admiring them. If this is the case you will have to make sure that they notice you are looking at them 3 times. According to research it takes 3 times for a person to get the message that you like them and each time they notice you looking at them it is important you hold their gaze for 2-3 seconds. 2 – 3 seconds may sound like an eternity but a non-romantic glance will only last 1.18 seconds.

Smiling with Crow’s Feet is Great Sign

When someone smiles at you it is always a good sign. Knowing whether or not this is a romantic gesture is all in the eyes.


If a person smiles at you with crow’s feet in the corner of their eyes then there is a good chance they are romantically interested in you. When we are genuinely happy we tend to smile in a slightly different way which creates those crow’s feet at the corner of the eyes.

Whenever you see a person smiling and showing off their crow’s feet there is a good chance they find you attractive. While this is not a 100% certain it is certainly a good start.

Flirting is Easier via Text Message or Email

Technology has made flirting a lot easier than it used to be.


It is not uncommon for people to feel uncomfortable when they try to flirt. When flirting is done via mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, IM, text message and Email people certainly feel a lot less self-conscious. This may be due to the fact most people feel more relaxed when others cannot see them in the same way that a child will cover their eyes when they act shy.

Flirty Gestures Aren’t Always What You May Think

There has been a lot of research into flirting over the years and most of us seem to misunderstand most flirtatious gestures.


This means that we routinely think someone is interested when they are not and we also miss some really obvious romantic signals that head our direction.

Direction of Feet Are a Good Sign

Believe it or not but the direction a person points their feet is a good indication of their romantic interest in a person. If a person has their feet pointed towards you then this is a good indication that they are attracted to you.


If their feet are pointing away then they probably do not find you attractive.

Mimicking a Person is a Sign of Attraction

If we like something we have a tendency to copy it. Think about the number of Hollywood movie stars you have thought were cool or when you have seen someone wearing an article of clothing and went out to buy it for yourself.


The same can be said when it comes to attraction. If you are attracted to you then you will find yourself subconsciously copying their gestures. You may notice yourself scratching your arms as the other person or standing in the same manner. The more your body language syncs with another person then the more you are attracted to them.

Flirting is Good for Your Health

Scientific research has shown flirting to benefit the health of both men and women.

Woman Sitting in Meditation

People who flirt have more white blood cells in their body and white blood cells are well known to boost our immune system and improve our overall level of health.

You Can Overdo Flirting


Like everything in life you can overdo it. One of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to flirting is maintain too much eye contact. Too much eye contact can easily freak a person out.

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