9 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories That Will Leave You Speechless


The world loves a good conspiracy theory and even the most unbelievable of theories can quite easily gain traction and find themselves followed by millions of people. Some of them are believable while others are nothing short of bizarre and farfetched. Here we look at 9 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories.

9 – The Reptoids

If Ron L Hubbard taught us anything other than the rules of Scientology is that science fiction authors are more than capable of believing everything they say regardless of how whacky that may be.


David Icke is a conspiracy theorist and science fiction writer who has thousands of people who believe his claims as to who rules the world. David Icke claims that the earth is not run by the illuminate, aliens, royalty, bankers or even governments. He claims that the whole planet is run by a group of lizard people who have come from beneath the earth. Yep, that is right, the believe here is that powerful families across the globe including the British royal family, the Bush family, and the Rothschild’s are actually big green lizards in disguise and working together so they can achieve total world domination and control.

According to Icke’s conspiracy theory beneath the earth’s surface is completely hollow and lit by a second sun which allowed these lizard people to live down there without ever coming to the surface. It is believed that these lizard people, over thousands of years, have posed as gods to humans and this explains why so many ancient civilizations have had a fixation with lizards. In the last 300-400 years the lizard people have decided that the best way for them to achieve complete world domination is by taking control of governments, high level business and financial institutions and the world’s media.

I cannot comment whether or not this conspiracy theory but if it is I’ll eat my hat.

8 – The Death of Princess Di

The Queen of England and the British royal family are involved in countless number of conspiracy theories. One of the most well-known of those conspiracy theories is the death of Princess Diana.


Many people believe that Queen Elizabeth evil beyond reason and behind the death of the mother of her grandchildren. Why would she do such a thing? Well, it is believed that the British royal family would suffer no end of embarrassment if Diana was to marry her lover and fiancé, Dodi Fayed who just happened to be a Muslim. Many people also believe that the princess was also pregnant to Dodi Fayed which would have dramatically added to the embarrassment.

As we all know Diana was killed in a car crash with her lover whilst trying to escape from pursuing paparazzi in Paris and this makes it sound unbelievable that the Queen was in anyway involved. This conspiracy theory does not seem so unbelievable to Dodi Fayed’s father, Mohamed Al Fayed, who has publicly insisted that the Royal family, in particular Prince Philip, are to blame for the accident.

Yes, the death of Princess Diana does appear to look like an accidental car crash but there are plenty of people out there who agree with Mohamed Al Fayed and believe that Diana was assassinated.

7 – KFC Is Sterilising Black Men

Not many people know that there are many rumours still circulating to this day that Colonel Sanders from KFC was a Ku Klux Klan member who left 10% of his estate to the Klan when he died.


It was back in the 1950’s that Colonel Sanders invented the golden nugget, a time when the KKK was at its peak and many people held the common perception that African Americans ate nothing but fried chicken and water melons.

Because of the consistent rumours about Colonel Sanders involvement with the KKK rumours that the Klan were actually running KFC also began to circulate. Some people believe that Colonel’s Sanders secret recipe of seven herbs and spices contain a chemical compound that renders African American males infertile but has no effect on white males.

6 – Mars Conspiracy

Conspiracy theories about life on Mars and how NASA hides that from us are certainly nothing new. Even before NASA even existed it was a popular believes that there was life on Mars. It was obviously a huge disappointment when the first images came back from the Martian surface which showed nothing but rock and sand.


Despite the lack of concrete evidence there is still plenty of evidence that suggest Mars is, or has been populated by life. The best known evidence to support life on Mars is the case of strange rock formations in the area of Mars known as Cydonnia.

Cydonnia is an area of Mars where several pyramids appear to sit in one particular area alongside the famous ‘Face of Mars’. It is possible that these pyramids could be nothing more than mountains with a natural shape that looks like a pyramid but this does not explain the geometric and seemingly unnatural construction of the Cydonian pyramids.

Obviously the presence of pyramids is not in itself enough to prove beyond a doubt that Mars is or has been populated by a long los civilisation the apparent abundance of faces, pyramids and other structures across the surface has certainly made many people ask questions.

You may well ask why NASA has not directed any of its many rovers to the areas of Mars which feature these structures. After all there is a huge public interest in these areas and public support for financing would be less of a problem than usual. Those who believe in this conspiracy theory say that the reason is simply a case of NASA wishing to hide the truth about life on Mars from the public. They also point to a British led expedition to Mars which was specifically designed to search for the existence of life on the planet. The mission failed and the probe was lost because the parachute failed when the probe was descending to the surface. Could this be a case of deliberate sabotage especially since the only part of the craft to be designed and manufactured in the USA was the parachute?

5 – Nazis in Antarctica

We now know that the Nazi’s had, at the time, the most advanced rocket technology on the planet. In fact it was far more advanced than anything the U.S of the Soviets even dreamed of and because of this some people claim that the Nazi’s actually made it to the moon at some point between 1939 and 1945.


There are a large and growing number of UFOlogists who believe that the Nazi’s were indeed building their very own UFO. In the race for Berlin, the Soviets claim to have come across a secret Nazi research facility where it is alleged a flying saucer prototype was also found. According to reports the UFO, one of two full-scale crafts, had been build using parts from well-known German technology companies one of which was BMW.

The conspiracy theory does not stop with the discovery of a secret Nazi research facility and a UFO. It goes on to suggest the Nazi’s had built several of these top secret flying saucers, perhaps in collusion with an alien intelligence. The reason no one ever discovered these flying saucers after the end of the war was due to the fact they were transported to a secret base in Antarctica from where they still operate to this very day.

If this is true it would mean that the USA or Soviet government is not behind the countless number of UFO sightings each year. It would mean that UFO’s are actually being flown by Nazi’s from a base in the Antarctic.

4 – Our Alien Connection

For a very long time people have held a belief that the U.S government has been in secret contact with aliens. This believe gained the majority of its traction during the 1950’s and 19960’s when the world was swamped with UFO sightings and suggestions in the media that a government cover up was underway.


With stories like that of Roswell and the secrecy surrounding bases such as Area 51 it is easy to see why so many people believe the U.S government. The majority of people find the idea of Aliens dictating government policy a little farfetched but that still does not change the fact that a whopping 75% of people believe the government is keeping secret the biggest discovery in human history. Even those who are sceptical about this still believe if contact with an alien society was ever made it would be kept secret from us.


In the cold, snowy and remote landscape of Alaska there sits a government research base that is known as HAARP. The official purpose of the HAARP research facility is to monitor and learn about the earth’s ionosphere but, in theory at least, this facility could also be used to manipulate the ionosphere as well. This would allow the U.S government to destroy incoming missiles and disrupt communications all over the world. It also, according to the conspiracy theory, would allow those in control of the facility to create natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes.


This all may seem like something from a science fiction movie but the HAARP research facility certainly does exist and it is capable, according to official reports, of ‘exciting’ the ionosphere, which it is claimed is for research purposes only.

Conspiracy theorists are not convinced though and they claim that the HAARP facility is behind recent earthquakes in Asia and other natural disasters. The presence of an atmospheric disturbance over China shortly before an earthquake in 2009 is cited as proof of this. In fact the locations of many recent natural disasters have reported strange atmospheric disturbances in the time leading up to the disaster.

There is also a huge amount of evidence that the U.S government originally funded the establishment of HAARP based on its potential as a weapon. The exact extent to which weapon based research has taken place with the HAARP facility remains unclear and very secretive.

2 – Mayan Apocalypse after 2012

If the governments of the world knew that the end of the world was just around the corner it seems like a sensible idea that they keep it quiet to prevent panicked rioting, last minute praying and guys with ‘the end is nigh’ sandwich boards popping up all over the place.


End of the world cults have become extremely popular since the run up to the millennium when people feared their toaster would attack them, a result of the millennium bug. The most recent death fad was the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 and the fear that the Mayan’s knew something that we did not. Lucky for us it appears that the Mayan’s just realised their society would not exist in 2012 or so many people now believe. There is however still plenty of people who still believe that the Mayan calendar still spells the end world even though the calendar has now ended. It turns out that since there have been many errors changing from the Mayan calendar to the Georgian calendar we are still not actually at the end of the Mayan calendar.

So when exactly does the Mayan calendar end if we just got the date wrong? Well, your guess is as good as mine but for now the end of the world may still be nigh.

1 – The Faking of the Moon Landing

The moon landings was undoubtedly the greatest step that mankind has ever taken. Not only was it a great step for mankind it also secured the U.S as the most technologically advanced nation on the planet.


You will most likely not be surprised to hear that there are an ever growing number of people who think that moon landings were actually faked. According to conspiracy theorists the whole thing was filmed in a hanger in Area 51 and this alone explains why there are several sources of light on the moon landing footage. This also apparently explains why the flag manages to wave in the vacuum environment of space and why you are unable to see any stars in the background.

It seems unbelievable that the U.S government would go to the trouble of making costumes, the set, the lander, and actually launching a rocket and then forget simple things like fairy lights in the background to create the appearance of stars. If you watch the footage you may well wonder whether the flag is really waving or just wobbling.

Due to the fact the Apollo 11 rocket was indeed launched into space and that the relatively simple technology needed to complete the mission did exist at the time, it would certainly have been just as expensive, not to mention politically risky, to fake the landings.  The political impetus of the space race certainly gave the U.S government greater cause to actually go to the moon than to lie about their adventures and risk letting the Soviets getting their first.

That said there are still those who think the moon landings were staged as it was impossible, with the technology of the day, to send a man to the moon and bring him back safely. Who knows, maybe just staging the event was enough to stop the Russian’s even trying to get to the moon.

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