9 Ridiculous Things We All Do When Alone But Won’t Never Admit

It is quite literally amazing the number of things that we are happy to do when we think no one is watching us. The funny thing is as soon as we feel someone else’s eyes looking in our direction we quickly hide what we were doing and try our very best to never speak of it again. Here we are talking about 9 things that we all do when we think no one is watching us, yet we won’t ever admit to.

1 – Talking to Themselves


It is estimated that more than 80% of people in the western world talk to themselves on a regular basis with 10% of that 80% actually talking about themselves in the third person because of mental illness with the remaining 70% of that 80% doing it just because it has become a habit they have formed over a period of time.

The most common reason that people talk to themselves is because they are preparing themselves for future situations. A huge number of people use solo talk to prepare and practice for actual conversations they know they are going to have later that day or week. This means that many when most people have conversations they have actually been preparing for it in advance.

2 – Lip Syncing in the Mirror


There are not many people in the world who haven’t at one time or another dreamt of being a rock star so it is of no great surprise that the habit of lip synching in front of the mirror is very common. All it takes is some great sounding music and a mirror in a room where you think no one is watching and you are good to go. Some people practice lip synching in front of the mirror because they feel they have some sort of bottled up and hidden talent while other people do it and hide away simply because it is not socially acceptable and they fear being mocked and laughed at.

At the end of the day what anything really matter if you are having fun?

3 – Making Stupid Faces In Front of the Mirror


In nearly every survey that is performed regarding peoples embarrassing habits the majority of people admit to making funny and ridiculous faces in front of the mirror when they think no one is watching them. It is assumed by psychologists that this habit is a way for us to express ourselves or release built up energy away from prying eyes. Whether or not this is actually true is yet to be proven but what is certain is that whoever uses face making in front of the mirror as a way of realising energy must have some rather strange energy inside of themselves.

4 – Masturbation and Other Forms of Pleasure


This could well be the most obvious entry to our list. Anyone who is anyone regularly bashes the bishop or flicks off a few credits but seldom do we ever talk about it. The funny thing here is that a whopping 86% of people when asked will deny they have anything to do with this totally natural process yet there are only an estimated 1.8% of people on the earth who have never performed this practise.

5 – Singing and Dancing


We have all heard of the saying, “Dance like nobody is watching” and most of us do indeed do just that when we are alone. Sure, many of us are happy to dance when other people are around but when we are alone and think that no one is watching we tend to dance in a much more expressive and ecstatic manner. The same principle applies to singing as well, when we think no one is listening we sing much louder and much more enthusiastically.

It is a proven fact that people express themselves and are more creative when they are alone.

6 – Letting Out the Mother of All Farts


There are not many social situations where pushing out a whopping big fart that could blow away a jumbo jet is acceptable so it is hardly any surprise that when we are alone nothing is more satisfying than just letting rip. The majority of, quite rightly, feel that breaking wind is a pretty disgusting thing but at the end of the day it is perfectly natural. We spend a huge amount of time in the company of others and therefore spend a huge amount of time holding in a fart. It stands to reason that there is nothing quite like the feeling of being completely alone and just letting rip. Sure, none of like to admit to this but let us be honest, we all like to blow over the daisies from time to time.

7 – Crying Your Heart Out


For some strange reason sobbing or breaking your heart seems to be looked down on as childish or immature. The truth is most of us have a much more fragile heart than we care to admit and that heart gets hurt from time to time so it is only natural that from time to time we need to have a good sob. Because of the fact that most of us feel crying is totally unacceptable we will hide ourselves away from those prying eyes and break our hearts in solitude. The funny thing is when we let ourselves have a good cry when alone it only has half the effect or release it would do if we shared that experience with someone else.

8 – Picking Your Nose


I bet you are sat reading this and probably denying even to yourself that you do this one. Be honest you do it and we all do it. There is probably a good chance that you, from time to time eat it as well. It might be socially unacceptable but we all love to have a good old pick of the nose when no one is looking.

9 – Impersonating A Character From a Movie


Once again this entry displays just how creative people can be when they are not bound by the restraints of what society finds acceptable. Most of us are guilty of fantasising about being the character in our favourite movie and many of us go as far to impersonate that character when we are all alone. Whether you are pretending to be the terminator, Robocop, James Dean or even Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver we all like to pretend from time to time.

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