9 Things You Wish You Could Forget About Your Teenage School Years

It is commonly said that we are supposed to look back on our teenage school years with fondness but for most of us this is not the case.

The truth is that when we look back on our teenage years at school we are often faced with the memory of some pretty terrible, awkward and embarrassing moments. Here we take a look at 9 things that you really wish you could forget about your teenage school years.

Dancing at the School Dance

I know that events like the school dance or the school prom were all supposed to be these big deals that we all look forward to and always thought we would look back on with real fondness but was that really the case.

Can you remember the school dance where there was the huge pressure to find a member of the opposite sex who you could slow dance with? Then there was that moment of relief when you found someone to dance with but that was quickly replaced with a huge sense of awkwardness. The girls felt like they were about to get mounted by the boy who was only after one thing and the boys stood stiff as a post not sure where to put there hands.



Middle School Relationships with the Opposite Sex

Having a relationship with a member of the opposite sexy when you are a teenager is all well and good but it is always going to leave you with some memories that you would probably rather forget. First up when you are that sort of age you change your mind more times than your socks. One minute you hate couples in love altogether then the next second you are loved up to the eye balls. Then, predictably, it all goes full circle.


Not only that there is all of those awkward looking photographs that turn up on Facebook years later. That is right, the photos of you and your teenage ex looking rather uncomfortable.



And at the end of the day you know any relationship that you have in your teenage years or at middle school is always going to end up just like this.


Your Fashion Sense

When you start thinking about the fashion sense that you had in middle school (or rather lack of it) I would imagine that you, just like most people, will cringe. Okay, so out of fairness global hyper color T-Shirts were cool for something like 5 minutes but some of those fashions can only fall in to one category and that would be named ‘What were you thinking’




School Dance Segregation

Like most social gatherings when you are in middle school the school dance was no different when it come to segregation. Sometimes such segregation of the sexes was enforced by teachers and other authoritative type figures but other times it was a just something that naturally happened.

On one side of the room you would have the girls trying to look grown up and cool.


And on the other side of the room you have the boys who are, in their own way, trying to look cool. The difference here is that the boys are trying their very best to impress the girls but since they have no clue on how to do this they end up looking like dorks. Why wouldn’t a girl be impressed that you can make a fart noise with your arm pit?


Getting Stuck in Things

So this sort of thing may not have happened to everyone but you can bet your last penny that if it did happen then it would happen when you were surrounded by the entire school.


Yearbook Photos

Most photos that people take of you are normal and nothing that would make you cringe in years to come. Yearbook photos are a totally different story and you just know that any photo of you that is in a yearbook is going to be terrible. This only happens because it is not just you who has a copy of the photo. Everyone in the entire school will have a copy and that is the photo that they will remember you for. Even worse if you happen to be successful in your life that terrible yearbook photo could find its way all around the world.


Online Journals

When you are a teenager you sometimes are mistaken into thinking that other people care about your life so you decide to keep an online journal. The truth is when you are in middle school your online journal is of little interest to anyone other than yourself. The dangerous thing about online journals is when you forget about it and all of the login credentials. This means you have no way of deleting it and it will be there for everyone to see till the the end of time.


The Fact You Were Dumb

When you are young you don’t have that much life experience and that really can make you appear dumb. Especially if you are trying desperately hard to look smarter than you are.


Awkward Questions in Health Class

Health classes in school are always going to present awkward moments. Especially if you are stupid enough to try and ask a question.


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