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    6 Celebrities Who Were Caught Getting High On Camera

    Like it or not celebrities have an enormous bearing on what we find acceptable and what we find unacceptable. It is this very fact that leads us to wanting to replicate celebrities in every way imaginable. We want to wear the clothes they wear, drive the cars they drive and do exactly what they do. […]

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    8 Celebrities Much Smarter Than You

    Celebrities are constantly in the public eye, and their every word and move are harshly scrutinized. With this in mind, it’s not a surprise celebs have a bad rep for being dumb. But our list of intelligent celebrities proves that superstars can have both beauty and brains. It appears that some people do have it […]

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    17 Celebrities With Weird Defects You Never Noticed

    Most of us can probably admit to been a little jealous of celebrities and their looks. What you probably do not realise is that celebrities are just like you and me, they are far from perfect. In fact you may be surprised just how weird some celebrity defects are. No one is perfect after all. […]

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    10 Famous People You Did Not Know Were Secret Spies

    The espionage game is a thankless racket – the sign of being good at your job is that nobody can ever know. That’s what makes the people in this list so surprising. They were well-known in other walks of life but managed to fit in some undercover work for the military on the side. So […]