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    10 Crazy Conspiracy Theories About Adolf Hitler

    You would think that the simple yet horrific reality of Adolf Hitler and his actions through his life were horrific enough to not warrant any exaggeration. Amazingly despite the horrific acts that Adolf Hitler was involved there are still plenty of bizarre and strange conspiracy theories surround the man and his life. Whether or not […]

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    5 Unethical Experiments Carried Out in the Name of Science

    Since the beginning of time man has harboured a desire to make advancements in the name of science. Not only that, man is quite at ease with making such advancements at any cost even unethical ones. This does not mean that mad scientists across the globe are carrying out experiments on rats in a cage […]

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    9 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories That Will Leave You Speechless

    The world loves a good conspiracy theory and even the most unbelievable of theories can quite easily gain traction and find themselves followed by millions of people. Some of them are believable while others are nothing short of bizarre and farfetched. Here we look at 9 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories. 9 – The Reptoids If Ron […]