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    4 Ridiculous Ways to Attract a Woman that Actually Work

    Some of the greatest minds that have ever lived have said at some point during their lives that the greatest mystery of the entire universe happens to be women and what makes them tick. When you hear things like that it will come as little surprise to learn that there is an endless queue of […]

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    9 Amazing Facts about Flirting You Should Know

    One thing for sure is that it would be fantastic if we knew instinctively what works and what does not when it comes to flirting. Unfortunately there is no science behind flirting so you can either continue to dance like your dad at parties, roll out cheesy chat up lines, or check out these 9 […]

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    4 Myths Men Believe About Women (Thanks to the Movies)

    Women are truly beautiful creatures and any guy out there will tell you that they rank as one of the greatest mysterious of the universe. Amazingly the few things that men feel that they know about women comes directly from the movies and that can only lead to problems in when put into practice in […]