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    10 Things 90’s Kids Will Have to Explain to Their Children

    Every generation seems to find it difficult to understand the crazes that dominated the decade before they were born. If you were a child of the 1990’s you probably struggle to understand what on earth was going on or so amazing about leg warmers or flock of seagulls. Put simply every generation is going to […]

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    17 Most Embarrassing Things That Can Ever Happen

    There are something’s that can happen in life that are just so embarrassing that when they happen we really do wish the world would open up and swallow us whole. It is hard to say what actually causes such embarrassment as different people get embarrassed by different things but here we are taking a stab […]

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    4 Toilets You Should Avoid at All Cost

    Using the toilet should really be a straight forward affair that requires little or no effort but this has been known to be seldom the case. A person can be quite particular about their own toilet or the toilets that they choose to use. There are even some people out there who either refuse to […]

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    5 Amazing Hoaxes That Were Actually True

    It is never very nice to be on the receiving end of a scam or a hoax but we all do enjoy hearing of such deceits. Sometimes we are so amazed at the sheer scale of these scams and hoaxes that we cannot get enough of the juicy details. Then again there are some scams […]

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    7 Unintentionally Hysterical 80’s Action Movie Villains

    I’ve always found it a little disturbing that anyone takes an 80’s action movie seriously. Personally, and I know I am not alone in saying this, I have always found action movies from the 80’s amusing. Even the ones that are meant to be serious. From the totally ridiculous plots (on guy taking on an […]

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    7 Unintentionally Funny Movie Disguises

    When it comes to disguises no one does it quite like a Hollywood movie. This is because a Hollywood movie has literally millions of dollars to pay a fleet of makeup artists and wardrobe departments the size of a tropical island. With such a wealth of utilities at their disposal it is hard to see […]

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    4 Unintentionally Creepy Arnold Schwarzenegger Moments

    Most people know Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of the greatest action hero’s ever, a hugely successful bodybuilder, and the former governor of California. With a career as versatile as Arnold’s there is certainly plenty of room for success and failures and not to mention creepiness. And we are not just talking about been exposed for […]

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    20 Unintentionally Hysterically Funny Video Game Covers

    Video games are very big business these days and one thing every video game developer knows is that if you want to sell your game you need a brilliant bit of cover art to make your game stand out among all of the others. Sometimes developers hit a home run with their video game cover […]

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    3 Reasons Batman Is The Worst Superhero Ever!

    Like most people you most likely think that Batman is one cool action hero who can save Gotham City from any disaster or villain who happens to be thrust upon it. Sure, they guy might look cool on the surface but if we dig a little deeper and take a look at the bigger picture […]