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    5 Disney Cartoons You Never Knew Were Racist

    In today’s world of political correctness it may come as a bit of a shock to learn that Disney has a proven history of racism. That is right, none other than Disney, the company we all know and love for its wonderful and cheerful children’s movies has a long and proven history of racism that […]

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    7 Fictional Movie Plots That Came True

    Movies been blamed for inspiring copycat crimes is certainly nothing new and will probably continue for many years to come. Not only are movies often held responsible for inspiring real life crime they also have an uncanny tendency for predicting future technological developments and even future events. Face transplants and bizarre attempts to clone extinct […]

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    9 Historical Lies We All Believe – Thanks to the Movies

    Since the birth of motion pictures film fans have flocked in their thousands to watch movies based on real events from a certain point in history. We have seen John Wayne play a cowboy in wild west movies and Russell Crowe play a roman gladiator; we’ve even seen actors run around nearly naked pretending to […]

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    5 Romantic Movie Gestures That Are Actually Illegal

    Admit it or not we all have a soft spot for a good old fashioned romantic movie. Maybe we are all a little soft at heart or maybe we simply enjoy watching new romance blossom. Regardless of why romantic movies are so popular what most people fail to realise is the few simple gestures that […]

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    7 Unexpected Side Effects of the 3D Movie Craze

    There are few people who remember the 3D movie craze of the 1950’s and the 1980’s who would have thought the current 3D craze would have dragged on for so long. In the past 3D movies were always seen as  clever novelty’s which gave the audience the occasional chance to see something fly out the […]

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    6 Cool TV and Film Characters Who Were Actually Jerks

    The world of movies is absolutely jam packed with cool characters. Characters like Tyler Durden from Fight Club or Jim Stark from Rebel Without a Cause. It is hard to put your finger on it but these characters have something that makes them cool and loved by anyone who encounters them. Back in high school […]

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    4 Ridiculously Stupid Movie Villains

    A movie villain can make or break any movie. You can have a terrible movie which is made fantastic by the presence of a brilliant villain but you can also have a brilliant movie made terrible by the presence of a villain who is well below par. When you think about this it cannot really […]

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    5 Reasons Why Obi Wan Kenobi Is The Worst Kind of Role Model

    Anyone of even minor intelligence reading this will know that the power of suggestion is an amazing thing. If you happened to live in Germany through the rule of the Nazi there is a very good chance that you would have being 100% behind their cause without ever stopping for a single second to see […]

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    9 Crazy Things That Only Happen in 90’s Teen Movies

    Back in the 1990’s been a teenager was a lot different than what it is now. There was no internet like we know it today so teenagers would make regular visits to the cinema. That is why teen movies were probably such big hits during the 90’s. Despite the fact that most of us like […]