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    10 Well-Known Facts That Are Not Even True

    We all love to throw around interesting facts that we think make us sound clever and interesting. Amazingly what the majority of us don’t realise is that most of the well known facts that we repeat over and over are not even true. Here are 10 well known-known facts that are not even true. 1 […]

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    4 Ridiculously Strange Things About Falling Asleep

    Sleep is something that we all have in common but have you ever wondered what happens when you fall asleep each night?  Do we just drift off into the darkness where we wait till the morning, or do we move into a whole other world filled with hope, fear and the strangest logic you can […]

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    10 Meaningless Buzzwords Every Boss Abuses

    For some reason unknown to us mere mortals there is a whole society of managers out there who feel the urge to adopt strange buzz words and new speak phrases in a vain attempt to appear edgy and cool. In many situations your average boss will substitute any word he sees as negative or counter-productive […]

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    6 Influential People Who Are Not Real

    Everyone has their own opinion on who are the most influential people in the world. A drunken conversation with several friends made us realise that the majority of people who make any list of the world’s most influential do not even exist in real life. Who would have thought that some of the most influential […]

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    5 Shocking Hoaxes You Wish Were True

    There have been many stories that have surfaced over the years that we have all wanted to believe but more often than not they turn out to be nothing more than elaborate hoax’s designed to gain media attention and, in many cases, money. Here we a take a look at 5 of the biggest hoax’s […]

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    4 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do

    Here we take a look at Four Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do. It is easy for a person without their own kids to offer advice on what you should and should not allow you to do with your own children. For that reason the following article about the dangerous things you should […]

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    12 Freaky, Strange and Bizarre Facts about Scientology

    You may well wonder if the weird things you hear about the Church of Scientology are all they are cracked up to be. Well, why not take a look at these strange and bizarre facts about Scientology and answer that question yourself. 1- L Ron Hubbard, the man who founded Scientology, was a science fiction writer before creating […]

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    15 Strangest Jobs That You Never Knew Existed

    There are plenty of jobs and careers that everyone knows about and no one would be surprised to hear about. There are, however, plenty of jobs and careers out there that no one knows about and a good chunk of people might have difficulty even believing that they exist. Here are 15 Strangest Jobs That […]

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    5 Reasons Living Forever Will Kill You

    What a wonderful thing medical science is and in recent years it has advanced in leaps and bounds. It was not that long ago when our life expectancy was only 65 years of age. Nowadays it is not uncommon for a person to live well into their 80’s and even their 90’s. It is estimated […]